'The View' Host Meghan McCain Thanks Cardi B for 'Words to Live By'

The View co-host Meghan McCain took to Twitter on Friday to thank rapper Cardi B for providing some "words to live by."

In a tweet posted earlier in the morning, McCain shared a video clip of Cardi B saying, "If a girl have beef with me, she gonna have beef with me... forever."

"Happy Friday, thanks for the sage words to live by [Cardi B]," McCain wrote in a caption on the post.

Many of McCain's fans and followers have since taken to commenting on her post, with some cheering her on and others expressing issues with the sentiment.

"Happy Friday! Enjoy you on The View! I have watched the show for years now and love your POV and hell raiser attitude," one fan commented. "You do a great job, and while I hold different political views, I follow you because you love America and Americans and for that I love you right back!"

"Megan, I'm going to give you a piece of advice. Follow the example, 'They know not what they do,' forgive them, and move on. Your heart will be much lighter because of it. Happy Friday," another person commented.

"How can I not follow you on twitter now after this... Happy Friday!" someone else joked.

While many commented on her Cardi B reference, others focused on addressing her recent appearance on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, wherein she made some comments about the Trump family attending her father Senator John McCain's funeral that many supporters of the U.S. President did not appreciate.

"You can not like the POTUS, that's your prerogative...but I don't think Ivanka ever did Anything against you, us supporters of your late father, who sometimes we disagreed with was FAIR....you will start losing support because this is just HATRED for no reason..," one person said.

"You've turned into a bitter person ... God Bless," another Trump supporter commented.


Photo credit: Getty Images