'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Reveals Second Amendment Gun Photo After Latest Joy Behar Spat

Meghan McCain posted a new photo of herself firing a gun on Instagram after her latest argument with Joy Behar on The View. McCain is often at the center of big arguments on the talk show, particularly when it comes to issues of gun control. On Saturday, she reminded followers of where she stands, but she did not want to hear anything in return.

McCain posted a black-and-white photo of herself aiming an assault rifle on Instagram on Saturday. The talk show host wore a black tank top and a bandana around her hair, which was pulled up into a messy bun. She also wore sunglasses as she lined up one eye with the barrel of a weapon.

McCain seemed to be in a secluded, dry area, taking aim at a hill to ensure that her bullet could not go on to hit something behind her target. Still, to many people, the fun of target shooting is not worth the risk that comes with having assault weapons available to average citizens.

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McCain disagrees, but she is not interested in arguing about it on Instagram. Her post had comments disabled, so no one could chime in to support her or decry her actions. McCain has disabled comments on all of her Instagram posts for the last few weeks, as she explained on Nov. 22.

"Turning off commenting on Instagram for the time being," she wrote. "I have family and young people in my life who can read it. You can disagree with my politics all you want but the abuse and threats is too far."

McCain does plenty of arguing herself on The View, where she clashes with her co-hosts over just about every big topic. In the same week that she turned off her Instagram comments, for example, she and Behar got into a spat over guns. At the time, McCain was complaining that Behar had given her famous homemade lasagna to Whoopi Goldberg for her birthday, and had not done the same for her.

"But I still love you and I would like my freaking lasagna," she said. "So would Sunny."

"I'll give you your lasagna when you give me your guns, how is that?" Behar answered.

This week, Behar and McCain made headlines with a debate over political messaging in merchandise. McCain railed against the the sale of "#DontMessWithNancy" t-shirts, based on a viral moment Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had.

"My problem is everything is a meme, everything's for the internet," McCain said. "This is very serious, we're talking about the Constitution, we're talking about impeachment and, to me, it reduces it, it's very reductive to start selling sweatshirts that say #DontMesswithNancy."


"So you mean like hats that say Make America Great Again," countered Behar, eliciting an uproarious reaction from the audience.

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