'The Ranch' Star Elisha Cuthbert Teases 'Secret Project' Ahead of Show's Final Episodes

Actress Elisha Cuthbert is cooking up something special, but she is not quite ready to divulge it just yet. Cuthbert, who currently plays Abby Phillips on The Ranch, is preparing for her net career move, being as the Netflix sitcom has wrapped production on its final episodes. That move may tie into her latest Instagram post, which she said ties to a "secret project."

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"Secret project I can't wait to share with all of you!" Cuthbert wrote on Instagram, accompanied by three kissy face emojis and the phrase "shhhhhh."

The picture itself, edited into black-and-white photo, sees the 36-year-old star one-shoulder dress and a flashy ring. Her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail. The look garnered some high praise from some famous personalities, including Paris Hilton and singer, Jann Arden. Hilton called the photo "Gorgeous," while Arden wrote, "You better give it up girl!!!!!!"

Some fans were also curious about the "secret project" and let the Girl Next Door and 24 actress know they were excited to see what she was working on.

"Absolutely amazing; can't wait for you to share," one admirer wrote. "Much love from Alabama."

A second commenter wrote, "Oooooh! Always interested in you're work!"

Another added, "We'll love to hear that secret."

The Ranch recently released its seventh part (released on Sept. 13), but there is one more on the way before it rides off into the sunset.

"One of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional career has come to a close," Cuthbert wrote on June 4. "Over the last 4 years we have completed filming all 80 live shows BUT ITS FAR FROM DONE FOR YOU! We're excited to bring you the final 20 episodes — 10 streaming later this year (2019) on #Netflix, and then 10 more in 2020. I'm so grateful for all my time spent with these incredible actors and crew and I'm so thankful for all the awesome fans of the show! We hope y'all get a kick out of the last 20!"

All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 8 will be released some time in 2020.


Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images