The Kardashians May Have Lost Their Invite to 2023 Met Gala

Is the Met Gala ditching its invites to the Kardashian family this year? The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars could find themselves staying at home on May 1 as fashion's biggest night celebrates the theme "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty." While Vogue has not commented on the event's guest list, sources told Page Six that Anna Wintour is cracking down on the guest list this year and that no Kardashians are making the cut.

A Kardashian source, however, denied the report, saying that the Kardashian-Jenners are not being excluded from the Met Gala this year. Only time will tell when it comes to which of The Kardashians stars will walk the red carpet outside the Met Gala this year, as the family has a long history of making a splash there. Kim Kardashian first attended the Met Gala in 2013 with then-husband Kanye West while she was pregnant with their first child, and has since gone on to sport daring designs by Givenchy, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Balmain, Vivienne Westwood, Versace and Balenciaga.

Her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian only attended the Met Gala for the first time last year, marking the first time the Kardashian family was all on the red carpet together, including mom Kris Kenner and younger sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The 2022 Met Gala was also a headline-making one for Kim as she attended wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic 1962 gown created for the late star when she wished President John F. Kennedy a happy birthday at Madison Square Garden.

Kim revealed in the family's Hulu show that she had to quickly lose weight to show the owners of the dress at Ripley's in Orlando, Florida that she was serious about fitting into the actual gown instead of a replica. "If it fits, I'm going to the Met. If it doesn't fit, I'm not going to the Met," she told the cameras ahead of her second fitting. "I have honestly been working my ass off to see my vision come to life. I will be crushed if this doesn't pay off."

Kim acknowledged that she was "a little nervous some people will hate, and just be like, 'How dare she think she can step into Marilyn's dress?'" She continued, "All of this – this losing weight, dyeing the hair for 30 hours, leaving the hotel in a robe, getting there, changing on the red carpet, just walking to the red carpet, then changing again into a replica of the dress because we can't risk sitting in it and eating dinner – is all for maybe 10 minutes of my life ... like, that's it."