Terry Crews Puts Russell Simmons on Blast Due to Email Concerning Sexual Assault

Terry Crews took to Twitter today to blast Russell Simmons over an e-mail about Crews' alleged sexual assault. In the message, Simmons suggested that Crews "give the agent a pass" and "ask that he be reinstated."

Crews added some choice comments in the tweet, saying "NO ONE GETS A PASS."

The e-mail is dated November 3rd. It's likely that Crews decided to post it today because Simmons recently denied two accusations of sexual assault back in the 90s.

Crews has an open case with the LAPD regarding his alleged sexual assault. The presumed suspect is Adam Venit, an executive at Crews' talent agency. It's unclear why Russell Simmons has an interest in affecting the outcome of this investigation.


Crews has been an outspoken advocate of victims since he took part in the #MeToo movement back in October. Crews revealed that he had been sexually harassed and assaulted by an executive, and feared coming forward because of the possible industry backlash he would face. Many applauded Crews for his honesty and bravery, and for showing the world that sexual harassment effects everyone. Others felt that his coming forward distracted from the predominately feminist angle of the #MeToo movement.