'America's Got Talent' Host Terry Crews Speaks out on Astonishing Golden Buzzer Winners

America's Got Talent fans' jaws were on the floor after a Golden Buzzer week. Host Terry Crews handed out the honorary invitation after witnessing the amazing talent known as World Taekwondo. The impeccable group "proved that human beings could fly" according to the former NFL legend. While Crews was left in amazement, in a way he's able to relate to such talents being a former athlete himself.

During a roundtable interview with PopCulture.com and other media, Crews admits that he's able to find common ground with several of the talents that grace the AGT stage because of the level of athleticism their acts require. "One thing that people don't understand is there is a true level of dedication that most athletes — especially in an Olympic year, you kind of see it — but what's so crazy is the consistency; it's about non-stop, everyday workouts, stretching, the agility, and all for one moment," he said. "Like when you look at the Olympics, people train for years for 30 seconds!"

Fans will recall during World Taekwondo's act, which includes a number of talents from all over the world, the team confessed they had an opportunity to perform at the Olympics but due to the pandemic, couldn't attend. After leaving the fans, judges, and Crews in awe, the actor couldn't help but send them straight to the top by giving them the Golden Buzzer. However, one piece he never overlooks with any act is the fact that some of the people he meets have been training for decades — something he can relate to.

"Same thing with AGT. You have people who've been doing this for 20 years and they get two minutes — like, I know what that feels like; I know when you get to the NFL and your doing your thing and all of a sudden, you could get cut at any time," the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor said. "I've got cut and I've watched friends go home, so every time you're out there, you have to be at your best; it is all or nothing." Needless to say, World Taekwondo brought their all and Crews rewarded them for that.

Crews noted how the group was "at their best" and because of that, "you could see the years of dedication" and he said that's an example of what sports is supposed to be. While Crews is absolutely an entertainer, his background in sports has brought something a little different to the stage and because of that, it adds one more reason as to why fans love watching him each week.


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