Why 'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Is Catching Flak for Helicopter Ride With Daughter Sophia

Anytime Farrah Abraham posts on social media, there’s typically some controversy or backlash that comes from it. The Teen Mom alum is no stranger to Internet trolls, especially when it comes to posts that include her daughter, Sophia.

She documented her latest adventure with her child: a helicopter ride. In the video, the two are seen wearing matching yellow shirts with the word ‘Queen’ written across in black font. “Queens weekend,” she captioned the photo. “#LaborDay for all who work and never take a day off!” She also addenda handful of hashtags as she typically does, including #handsonmom which stirred up some debate in the comments section. It’s no secret that the mother-daughter combo spend quite a bit of time together, and it turns out that some of her followers think it may be a bit excessive. “Does Sophia have any friends or just you,” asked one user. Another posed the same question, “Does your daughter have friends? Ugh I feel bad for Sophia.” Throughout the comments, many others chimed in calling Abraham out for being a helicopter mom.

As tends to be the case, that wasn’t the only gripe some took about her posting. A few others didn’t appreciate her interpretation of how to spend the holiday. “That’s actually the exact opposite of what Labor Day stands for but whatever,” one response read.

While plenty of negative remarks came across the reality stars post, others took the other side to express their appreciation of giving Sophia so much attention and always including her in grand moments. “You’ve given Sophia SO MANY memories and you spend so much time with her. She’s a lucky kid,” explained one commenter. Another echoed a similar sentiment, “She loves her daughter and it shows. People need to unfollow if you’re just here to bring Farrah down.”

Back in the middle of August, Abraham captured a few photos of Sophia entering her first day of middle school. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, this took on a completely different look from an all-virtual setup. She showcased her daughter’s high-tech desk area from their home and how “thankful” Abraham was that she was able to provide her “a better path in her education” than she got to experience.