Tara Reid Confuses Fans With Bizarre Backpedaling After Apologizing for Missing Press Tour

Tara Reid has fans confused with her promotion of The Last Sharknado, now asserting that her tweets are not coming directly from her.

Reid holds the starring role of April in the sixth installment of Sharknado. The actress has been with the franchise for the beginning, and she is closing it out strong with The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, which premiered on Sunday. However, before that, Reid told a completely different, equally confusing story with her press tour.

Reid came off as a little out of it in a series of interviews on Friday. She seemed to be slurring her speech and talking over her co-stars throughout her TV appearances. Finally, Reid cancelled her last interview with the AOL Build Series, allowing Ian Ziering to make the stop alone.

At the time, Reid posted a video from the airport, saying that she was done with her press tour and thanking fans for following along. However, after it was pointed out that she was scheduled to appear on AOL, she tweeted her apologies, saying that she could not make it.

"Due to some back issues I am having, I had to cut my press tour short," she wrote in the now deleted tweet. "I wish I could've been there especially for my favorite show, @BUILDseriesNYC. Thank you for ur understanding & I am hoping to recover from this pain soon. Tune in Sunday as @SharknadoSYFY 6 premieres on @syfy."

Finally, on Sunday night, reporters from The Blast caught up with Reid as she was leaving the Sharknado premiere party and asked her outright about the confusion. She said that someone else has access to her Twitter account, and that the tweet did not come directly from her.

"It made no sense, why would I write that?" she reportedly said.

As always, the latest Sharknado installment has gotten mixed reviews. Some cannot get enough of its deliberately cheesy action humor with low-budget special effects, while others believe that the joke has long since been played out. At the time of this writing, the movie holds a 5.1 out of 10 rating on IMDB, though it has 91 percent positive responses on Google.


The movie follows its intrepid hero, Fin, on a time-travelling journey to battle sharks all throughout history. Perhaps responding to the upcoming movie The Meg, it features at least one megalodon-versus-dinosaur scene. From the looks of the trailer, there are also dragon-sharks, super-powered sharks and robot sharks to fight off.

The Last Sharknado; It's About Time is available to stream on SyFy.