Tana Mongeau Spotted Snapping Bikini Selfies on Miami Beach

Tana Mongeau was seen in Miami on Monday, taking selfies as she walked along the beach. Video of the Internet personality showed her having fun with a group of fans who spotted her. She only wore a pink bikini in the clip, as she carried her belongings in one hand and her cellphone in the other. Earlier this month, the 22-year-old Mongeau came under fire on TikTok because of her new Tana Uncensored lingerie line.

A TikTok user named @shutupdumbbith shared a video claiming a Tana Uncensored look was easily available much cheaper at a different website, notes Yahoo! Finance. "Tana scamming her fans? Not again," the TikTok user claimed. "This is $12 on Shein, go buy it there. Don’t pay her $30 to re-sell it to you.” Other TikTok users noted that the same set is available even cheaper at another site. "How does she still have fans/supporters?" one TikTok user wrote. "I can't believe people still buy her stuff," another wrote. Mongeau did not comment on the allegations.

Mongeau was born in Las Vegas and has over 5.49 million subscribers on YouTube. She has also released singles, including "Hefner," which featured actress Bella Thorne in the video. Mongeau and Thorne dated, and at one point were in a throuple with rapper Mod Sun. Mongeau was also engaged to Jake Paul in 2019, and even had a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas. She later said the wedding was not legal and they have since broken up. Mongeau dated Francesca Farago in 2020, but she is now single. Earlier this month, she tried on "hot clothes" because she "got dumped." In the Feb. 11 video, she said she was dumped by two men at the same time.

In another video earlier this month, she claimed an athlete dumped her to date a member of the Kardashian family. She titled the Feb. 2 video "I Chose Jake Paul Over an Athlete & He Left Me for a Kardashian: Storytime." At the start of the video, she admitted her "entire life in an embarrassment." She did not name the athlete she dated, but called him "one of the nicest people I've ever talked to in my life."

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Mongeau claims the athlete said something to her she felt was a "sign" that she had to pick Paul or the athlete, notes Yahoo. Mongeau stopped talking with the athlete and went to Paul's house. She then felt bad for ghosting him, but after fans noticed she posted a Snapchat selfie from Paul's bed, the athlete decided they could just be friends. The next day, the athlete went to Los Angeles to pick up a woman to join him for a vacation. That woman was allegedly a Kardashian, and Mongeau found out about this on The Daily Mail. Mongeau never identified the athlete, but some theorized that the Kardashian involved could be Kendall Jenner, who is around Mongeau's age and was not in a long-term relationship around the time Mongeau began dating Paul.