Tan Mom Reveals What She Saw While in a Coma

Patricia Krentcil, known to most as Tan Mom, is out of a coma following a health scare and she's ready to talk about the experience. The personality called into Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show Monday morning to update fans on her condition and more.

Krentcil revealed on the radio show that she was in a coma "for two weeks." She told Stern that during that time, she believes she crossed over briefly and saw heaven. Krentcil said it was full of "shopping malls and beaches."

The infamous Tan Mom said she's finding strength after her harrowing near-death experience.

In a phone interview with The New York Post, Krentcil revealed her "whole body died — I was proclaimed dead."

"It was so sad," she added.

She explained that she was rushed to Brandon Regional Hospital earlier in June after collapsing on the street in Brandon, Fla. Krentcil said the condition was brought on by "a breakdown in my body."

"My whole system just collapsed," she explained.

After going into cardiac arrest, Krentcil was put on life support. She was in a medically induced coma at the time. Family members told The Post they and Tan Mom are furious at collaborator Adam Barta for revealing news of her condition to the media.

"Her kids are furious. We didn't want that out," the family source said.

The Blast was among the first outlets to report on Krentcil's condition. According to the outlet, she was rushed to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit in critical condition following a battle with pneumonia.

Doctors reportedly found fluid on her lungs, and wanted to remove it. Krentcil, a long time smoker, did not fare well during the procedure. Her lungs were deemed too weak, and doctors could not remove all the fluid.

In a matter of days she was extubated, according to The Blast. Her husband Richard was by her side through it all.

The Post's insider added that Krentcil is still recovering. She's said to have lost a significant amount of weight and is on "very heavy medication." As such, Krentcil isn't able to attend red carpet engagements and other events she had lined up.

"She can't go on a red carpet now — she would fall," the source said.

This isn't Krentcil's first brush with death. In 2017, she told The Post she was involved in an altercation with a man whom she rejected while she was four months pregnant with daughter Ashley. After denying the man's advances, she was thrown across a bar, she claimed.

"Every witness said I went flying," she recalled. "I was proclaimed dead twice."


Krentcil told The Post she's not fully recovered from her most recent near-death experience, but she has faith she'll be at 100 percent soon. In the meantime, she's just happy to be alive.

"I'm getting better," she said. "I'm grateful — I have a lot to live for."