Tallulah Willis Reveals Viral Dancing Video Was Filmed 3 Months 'Into the Deepest Suicidal Hole' as Part of Mental Health Campaign

Tallulah Willis is getting real about one of her most viral moments as part of the effort to destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health on World's Mental Health Day Thursday. Sharing a video of herself dancing poolside, seemingly carefree, to The Animals' 1968 hit The Time Of The Season, Willis admitted she was struggling with suicidal ideations at the time.

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"When I filmed this video I remember everyone telling me over and over how much they wished they had my energy, my freeness, a ownership of self," she began her candid caption, admitting, "When this video was filmed I was 3 months into the deepest suicidal hole I had ever been in. We are not what we show."

It's the ability of people to hide the pain they feel, she noted, that should implore others to be kind and accepting of everyone's journey.

"I'm not ready to share my story yet, but I'm with you, I see you, I am you, and I love you," Willis, 25, continued of her own mental health journey. "Pain is pain. it's different and enters each of our lives through a myriad of ways, but each electric stab or dull ache is real. The kind of pain that you can't see, the pain that lives in the hallow space behind your throat. Im scared of my brain and the capacity for pain it has and will continue to bear."

"My fight is daily and for the duration of my life and each day I choose to find the glowed moments, a thefted giggle, or true peaceful pause, I know I was brave that day," she continued. "I like to be better with words, as an armor and a way to help my brain comprehend my feelings and my ego is grumbling that this is a shit ode to something that lives so close to my heart, but my ego can eat a bag of dicks."


She concluded with a message to her followers, "I have a great ole bunch of acronyms that explain my diagnosis, and slowly they are no longer scary to me. Try try TRY to be sweet to yourself, find every little bean of love you can and absorb it. #worldsmentalhealthday"

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