Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Show They Have His Back in Midst of Investigation

Sylvester Stallone's Christmas family photo reveals that his girls have his back amidst a range of allegations and an active criminal investigation.

The Rocky star posted a series of photos and a candid video to show fans how he celebrated the holidays this year.

In one, Stallone's daughters, Sophia, Scarlet and Sistine, pose in their pajamas with him and wife Jennifer Flavin in front of the Christmas tree. The daughters positioned their hands on their father's shoulders so as to show their love and support through the actor's tumultuous time.

Best Wishes for a great year ahead for everyone !

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"Best Wishes for a great year ahead for everyone!" he wrote alongside the family photo.

Stallone is currently being investigated after a 50-year-old actress filed a report in November that Stallone assaulted her in 1990 at his Santa Monica office.

Sources close to the actor claimed he was engaged in a romantic relationship with the actress; he reportedly brought her to Israel in 1987 while he was filming Rambo III. Stallone allegedly ended the relationship after he discovered that the woman had an estranged husband who disapproved of their bond.

Police also told The Blast that should the investigation conclude that the allegations of sexual assault are false, Stallone will be considered a victim in the case.

To brighten Stallone's holiday amid these intense allegations, friend and fellow actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also stopped by and posed for a photo in front of a giant Rocky statue.

Well look who drop by on Christmas! @schwarzenegger always fills the room with positive energy!

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"Well look who drop by on Christmas," Stallone wrote in the caption. "[Schwarzenegger] always fills the room with positive energy."

The allegations against Stallone may be the latest cries of sexual misconduct at the hands of the actor, but they aren't the first.

A police report published by the Daily Mail in November revealed that an unnamed teen claimed she was "intimidated" into having a threesome with Stallone and his former bodyguard Mike De Luca in Las Vegas in July 1986.

She said Stallone threatened her after the encounter, saying they would "beat her head in" if she told anyone what happened. The accuser later dropped her claims and no charges were presented to Stallone or his late bodyguard.

In 2001, an exotic dancer claimed the actor "forcibly pinned" her against a wall and "attempted to forcibly have sexual intercourse" with her.


The actor was also accused by late half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti of years of sexual abuse, but her allegations were met with counter claims by him and their mother that Filiti was a drug addict looking to extort her famous brother, blackmailing him with false allegations. The matter was reportedly settled with a $2 million payoff, plus $16,666.66 per month throughout her lifetime and a $50,000 annual trust for psychiatric and medical expenses.