Spencer Pratt Chokes out Comic

In somewhat of a bizarre turn, former Hills star Spencer Pratt was caught on camera wrestling a British comedian to the ground and choking him out.

See the video here.

Pratt and stand-up comedian Keith Lemon were videoed by TMZ having a brief bout where Pratt chokes out Lemon in the bushes between a store window and the sidewalk.

Lemon very loudly yelled for Pratt to stop and repeatedly said that the reality star was hurting him.

It does all appear to in good fun, however, as it seems as if the two men are just yucking it up for the camera.

Additionally, Lemon is actually just a comedic character created by Leigh Francis, who is the person seen in the video, so it's likely this was all just part of his act.

There's no word on why the two were hanging out together, but it could be assumed that the two are working on a project together.

Recently, Pratt's own sister took to social media to put him on blast.

31-year-old Stephanie Pratt shared a quote on Instagram that read, "Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family."

"They never cease to amaze me – good thing I always pray for my enemies," she wrote alongside the quote.

Switching over to Twitter, Stephanie began tweeting about her family.


"I have protected people over the evil things they have done - & I'm tired of it – tired of my parents living in denial. Time 2 tell the truth," she tweeted.

"Can't beef with peeps who have mental problems," Pratt responded.