Police Release Video of 'Rick and Morty' Star Spencer Grammer Slashing Incident

The New York Police Department has released video of the suspect who was wielding a knife during an attack at a city restaurant that resulted in Rick and Morty star, Spencer Grammer, being among those hurt in the incident. The NYPD Crime Stoppers official account shared the video on Twitter on Sunday, writing, "Wanted for an Assault in front of 60 2nd avenue."

Grammer was reportedly a handful of individuals in the restaurant who attempted to stave off the assailant before being struck by the swinging knife. The daughter of Kelsey Grammer was cut on her while the friend she was with got struck in the back. Both were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The whole ordeal began as the suspect, who some suggest was drunk, attempted to gain entry into the restaurant while they were shutting down for the night. After being told by the staff that they are closing, he went into a rage and began to swing his knife at everyone in his way. He remains at large, having been able to escape on foot after the chaos.

In the wake of the scary scene, Grammer shared a statement with US Weekly, first confirming what happened, sharing that her and her friend "did what anyone else would do in that situation." She noted that she suffered a laceration on her arm while her friend did get stabbed in the back but did not suffer any internal damage. "We want to thank the first responders and the staff at Bellevue Hospital, who provided us with excellent care," Grammar wrapped up her statement. "They fought an incredible battle this year. It was very moving for us to have the opportunity to thank them in person."


Grammer, who is 36-years-old, is best known as the voice actor for Summer Smith on Rick and Morty while also playing Casey Cartwright on Greek. The Los Angeles-based actress just wrapped up the fourth season of Rick and Morty with the fifth season already being teased with a new clip recently released.