'Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam Poses With Fans During Rare Public Outings

Charlie Hunnam has been indulging fans in Australia all week, posing for selfies and even chatting with fellow shoppers.

Hunnam is down in Australia filming a movie, according to one fan account, but while he is there, he's not being shy with the locals. In the last several days, many pictures with the actor have gone viral, as he has met with people at grocery stores, office buildings and bars.

"Down at the local pub, Lacie got close and personal #charliehunnam," one fan gushed.

(Photo: Instagram / @realityclothingwangratta)

"Just a casual day of riding for the SOA," wrote another.

(Photo: Instagram / @josh_christie20)

One couple even met Hunnam as they planned their wedding day, and he posed for a picture with them.

"We had a meeting at our Wedding venue today and look at who we ran into," they wrote.

(Photo: Instagram @taramareewellness)

Many fans confirmed that Hunnam was consistently kind and patient with strangers. He apparently took the time to pose for countless photos and have short conversations with just about everyone in Victoria.

"Still in shock after randomly meeting @CharlieHunnam last night!" a fan wrote. "So sweet, down to earth & sooo gorgeous!! Thank you for the chat & photos Charlie."

Hunnam is reportedly working on a movie about Ned Kelly, an infamous Australian outlaw from the 19th century. The Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre noted the reason for Hunnam's visit, though the post did not mention the name of the project. Hunnam stopped by the center for a cup of coffee and posed with a few baristas.

These days, when fans see Hunnam the first thing their minds is his starring role as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. The actor played the lead in the biker drama, and with the spin-off series on the way, many are looking back fondly on the show's six season run.

Unfortunately, Hunnam is not set to appear on the new show, Mayans MC. The spin-off takes place in a different town, far away from Jax's influence, and focuses on a whole different world. Mayans is set closer to the border of California and Mexico, and centers around a Latino biker gang led by Eziekel "EZ" Reyes.


EZ is played by J.D. Pardo, and will apparently be the new show's analog for Jax. Only a few characters will carry over from Sons of Anarchy to Mayans, though last week a new teaser showed at least one of them in action.

Mayans MC premieres on FX on Tuesday, Sep. 4 at 10 p.m. ET.