Sommer Ray's 'Photoshoot Vibes' Video Shows Her Physique in Top Form

Sommer Ray is all about the "vibes" with her latest Instagram post. On Friday, she posted a brief clip from a photoshoot that she engaged in. As seen in the clip, she seems to don a red and orange bodysuit as she poses away for the camera.

Ray's post was definitely a "vibe," just as she mentioned in the caption. In the video, she can be seen posing while she shows off her toned physique. She tagged both Naomi Zinns, a stylist, 36neex, a photographer, in the post. The comments section for Ray's post was quickly flooded with positive messages from her fans. One of those fans even wrote, "Such a stunner Sommer" along with a heart eye emoji.

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Ray is well-known for posting her latest, fashionable looks on Instagram. You can often see her posting some shots of her donning her very own athleisure line, which she launched in November 2018. During an interview with Life & Style, published in December 2018, the influencer opened up about what fans can expect from her clothing line. “The way my clothing line is set up, every single month is a completely new theme that drops. So what I dropped the first month will never come back,” she explained. “This month we had more athleisure mixed with athleticwear while my first drop in November was strictly athleticwear. It’s always going to be different; my drop in March is going to be swimwear and then from there I’m going to add denim and jeans and some new things so it’s not just athletic.”

Ray told the publication that she was going to let her fans decide what items in her line would become more permanent fixtures. She continued to explain that she would be releasing many different styles for her fans to choose from, including floral-inspired and baseball-inspired pieces. But, overall, she explained that her fans really love her line because of how affordable it is. Ray added, “They expect it to be lower quality because it’s so affordable, but they get it and it’s amazing quality. I could have made it a higher price point, but I wanted it to be affordable and have people of all ages, like my younger fans, being able to buy it.”