Sommer Ray Sings Along to Jordan Davis' 'Selfish' Alongside Glam Selfies

Model Sommer Ray showed off her singing talents in a January Instagram video. She sang along to Jordan Davis' "Selfish" alongside several glamorous selfies she posted on Instagram on Jan. 12. The 25-year-old Ray, the daughter of a bodybuilder, has more than 25.8 million Instagram followers. She also has a second Instagram page where she shares more personal photos and has over 3.3 million followers there.

While Ray has found success on Instagram, she told Paper in 2019 that her experience with bodybuilding competitions was among her proudest achievements. "All the years of [National Physique Committee] competing I did when I was super young. Took a ton of hard work and discipline," she said at the time. She also said she took baths for self-care. "I love baths with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil," Ray said at the time. "It's really the most relaxing thing for me. It's my therapy, I can sit in there for hours."

"Hiii loverrrs," Ray wrote in the caption for her Instagram post. "Country music is one of my favs. What's your favorite kind of music?" Thousands of her fans commented on the post, with many remarking on Ray's "natural beauty," as one fan put it. However, others did debate music, including many others who also like country music. "Yeah country music is pretty great," one fan wrote. "Country all the way," another chimed in. "Country life is the best life," another wrote.

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Although Ray is only 25, she is already an established Instagram superstar. She even has a second Instagram page with over 3.3 million more followers. Ray also has a YouTube page, where she has over 1.87 million subscribers checking out her workout videos. Over on TikTok, she has 8.8 million followers and over 166.8 million likes since she joined the video platform. She even has her own fashion line, available at Sommer Ray Shop.

In a 2018 interview with Forbes, Ray said she did not start taking Instagram seriously until 2015 and was influenced by her sister. She had a friend who would do photoshoots with her sister, and the photographer started shooting Ray when she was 15. "I was doing very mature photos for my age. I've always been more expressive, in a sexual way. But that doesn't mean that I'm like that as a person," she told Forbes.


The Colorado native quickly picked up 40,000 followers on Instagram and began attracting brands. She had to fly out to Los Angeles for work often, but never lost sight of her roots. "I grew up on a ranch in Colorado, in the middle of nowhere," Ray told Forbes. "I raised chickens in 4-H. I was really good at it! I have all blue ribbons. I was a rodeo princess. I'm a country girl, not a fake one. When I go to Country Jam, and I'm in cowboy boots, people always say, 'She's fake.' I'm like, 'No. I was in 4H!'"

Ray also worked hard for her physique. She started competing in bodybuilding competitions at 16. However, she told Cosmopolitan she had no interest in national competitions. "It's a whole different world where many girls are on steroids, and I didn't want to do that to my body," she explained. Ray also had first-hand experience with being "slut-shamed" in her hometown after her bare-bottom photos on Instagram took off. "They didn't understand when I posted pictures of my ass on Instagram, it was because I'd worked hard for it," she said. "It's not a sexualized thing."