Sommer Ray Bathes Her Snake in New Instagram Video

Sommer Ray has shared some pretty wild content on her Instagram page. The fitness model and social media influencer typically shares stunning images from her workouts and photoshoots, yet one of her latest videos certainly raised a few eyebrows. That's because Ray was seen holding her pet snake as she prepared to give the snake a bath. "Snakey bath time," she captioned the video. "Yes, I'm that annoying girl who gives their snakes baths and talks to them in the most annoying baby voice ever."

She plops the white-skinned snake into a tub that has the water running. She uncurls the snake before letting it squirm around the tub, even giving her followers a tip that snakes prefer warm water. Apparently, she gives the snake anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes in the bath, which mostly consists of it swimming as she splashes some water here and there.

Eventually, Ray picks the snake up and shows her watchers how the skin slides off when it gets wet. The video ends with Ray drying off the snake with a towel. Many of the comments were of people who were never aware that snake owners gave them baths, with one particular user even suggesting she does more, "Hey, this was actually pretty cool and informative video, didn't know you could even bathe snakes. You should do more videos like these!"

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Ray has built up quite a massive following on her Instagram, which currently sits at around 25.7 million followers. Her photos regularly get over one million likes, some of which even pushing 1.5 million. She also runs her own business, Sommerthings, which is a fitness and lifestyle box that she personally creates.


The account for that company has another 32.9K followers. Aside from her social persona, the 24-year-old has competed in bodybuilding competitions, even winning some when she was younger. She began her fitness journey about 10 years ago after getting inspired by her parents, both of whom were active in the fitness community. Her YouTube page has become one of the most popular fitness destinations for women looking for inspiration to enter the world of fitness. Going into 2021, the model also showcased some of her new workout attire that is for sale, as part of her own Sommer Ray Collection. Ray was born in Denver, Colorado.