Sofia Vergara Horses Around on the Beach in Bikini Throwback Video

Sofia Vergara posted a fan-favorite throwback video from her modeling days on Instagram this week. [...]

Sofia Vergara posted a fan-favorite throwback video from her modeling days on Instagram this week. The Modern Family star posed in a black bikini with a horse, right at the edge of the water. She made a playful expression, joking as if she were about to bite the horse's bridle.

Vergara tagged the post as a "throwback Thursday," noting that it was taken in the Dominican Republic in the 1990s. Commenters noted that she does not seem to have aged a day since then, in appearance or in spirit. The actress is still lauded as a great beauty and is still a comedian at heart. The post picked up over 4 million likes.

"Sofie you look so good with your natural blonde hair!" one person wrote. Another added: "Beautiful then and even more so now!!" A third person commented: "SOFIA, I LOVE YOU!"

Now 48 years old, Vergara is fresh off of a decade-long run on Modern Family, where her classical beauty was played for jokes throughout the series. However, her career goes back much further than that and has much more ground to cover before it is over.

Vergara was born and raised in Colombia, and she stumbled into modeling and acting when she was in college. Her first TV roles were on Spanish-language TV, including a telenovela and two game shows. In 1999, she appeared in an episode of Baywatch called "Boys will be Boys."

It was all uphill from there for Vergara, who went on to some of the best-known roles of her career in the years that followed. While making sporadic appearances on TV, she got her first movie role in 2002 as Nina in Big Trouble. She would go on to appear in Lords of Dogtown as Amelia, National Lampooon's Pledge This! as Sofia and Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns as Cheryl.

Vergara took a starring role in Modern Family starting in 2009, and the show ran until 2020. However, she found plenty of time for other work in this time as well, including movies like The Smurfs, Happy Feet Two, Machete Kills and The Emoji Movie. On TV, she appeared on Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live.

Today, Vergara is a host and judge on America's Got Talent, where fans tend to see her the most. However, the role has also increased public interest in her as a celebrity, making her personal life public knowledge. Vergara is married to actor Joe Manganiello, and attained official U.S. citizenship in 2015 after a prolonged immigration process.