Snoop Dogg Finally Reveals What He Meant by 'Giving Up Smoke' — and It Isn't Weed

Snoop Dogg previously teased fans by saying he was "giving up smoke."

Snoop Dogg isn't giving up the kind of "smoke" many people thought he was. After the rapper and cannabis enthusiast shocked fans Thursday by announcing he was "giving up smoke," Snoop finally revealed he had pulled a fast one on his followers as part of his new partnership.

Snoop sparked debate with his social media post on Thursday that declared, "After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time." He added in the caption, "I'm giving up smoke." The "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper didn't clarify if his reference to smoke was marijuana-related at the time, and fans went back and forth in the comments about whether or not his post was sincere. 

Monday, Snoop provided the answer, as he announced he is partnering with Solo Stove, a smokeless fire pit brand. "I have an announcement: I'm giving up smoke," he said in a video posted Monday. "I know what you thinking: 'Snoop, smoke is kinda your whole thing.' But I'm done with it. Done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky-icky. I'm going smokeless."

"Solo Stove has since announced that Snoop Dogg will be their official 'smokesman,' in support of the company's quest to eliminate smoke from backyards everywhere," the company added in a press release, which quotes Snoop as saying, "I love a good fire outside but the smoke was too much. Solo Stove fixed fire and took out the smoke. They changed the game and now I'm excited to spread the love and stay warm with my friends and family." The collaboration will be released Monday at 4:20 p.m. ET and will be available at and

Snoop's followers praised the musician for pulling one over on people, calling it "the best marketing campaign of all time" and a "master class in marketing." Another person commented, "I knew it when he said 'smoke' that all was not what it seems," as a different commenter wrote, "Anyone who fell for it must be new."

Snoop's announcement Thursday came just hours after he launched his Best Buds Bags with Martha Stewart – a limited edition crossbody bag the rapper said has "got it all. From my favorite lighter, favorite color, and dime-sized secret stash pockets to stash my favorite herbs." The duo also reportedly collaborated on a lighter collection that will debut next year.