Snoop Dogg Says He's Giving Up Smoke

Snoop Dogg stated he decided to quit "smoke" after a "conversation" with his family.

Snoop Dogg says that he's giving up "smoke," shocking pretty much everyone. In a post on X — formerly known as Twitter — Snoop shared an image of himself with the message, "After much consideration and conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time." The news is quite surprising as the Grammy-nominated rapper's name is synonymous with marijuana use.

The post has garnered a lot of reactions, with many poking fun at the claim. "Don't worry Snoop, we your disciples will carry on your legacies..... We'll smoke on your behalf........ Stay strong for us," one person quipped. Someone else joked, "Whoever hacked Snoopy Dogg phone should return it in one piece pls." A third user surmised, "This is probably just gonna be some viral campaign where he launches his own line of vapes or edibles or something."

While some have made jokes about the situation — or presumed that it might be the precursor for ad campaign for marijuana edibles — others have shown support for the decision. "I am grateful! You have no idea the positive ripple effect this will have on teenagers and college students," one person wrote in an Instagram comment. "Thank you, thank you! Won't be easy, but obviously you respect your family, and their support will be your strength. Sending positive vibes your way."

Someone else offered, "Just remember, it's gonna Feel like everyone in the world is offering you blunts now that u stopped. But when you think about it, that's all the ppl you've smoked with or gave/got weed from. It's hard at first but don't let anyone change your mind on this, I know you can do it Snoop. Cuz you the man."

Notably, earlier this year Snoop opened up to MailOnline and explained that he'd been decreasing the amount of weed he smokes. "I've changed my ways. I've become better," Snoop replied when asked about how his marijuana habits have changed. He went on to share that his perspective began to change once he had grandchildren.

"Being a grandfather has changed me in multiple ways," he told the outlet. "The main way is being concerned with how I live, how I move, the kind of people I'm associated with, because I want to see my grandkids grow old. The only way I can do that is to take precautionary steps as far as how I move, who I hang out with, where I go out, my intake, what am I intaking?" NBC News reports that it reached out to Snoop's reps for comment but had not heard back at the time of this writing.