Snoop Dogg Follows His Breakfast Cereal With New Cannabis Onion Ring Snacks

Two months after getting into the breakfast business with Snoop Loopz, Snoop Dogg is launching his own brand of cannabis edibles. The rapper and actor is almost synonymous with marijuana and is also an investor in Casa Verde, a cannabis venture capital firm he co-founded. Snoop Dogg and TSUMo Snacks have now partnered to launch Snazzle Os, infused onion rings flavored with cannabis. As a collaboration between Casa Verde and Redbud Brands, TSUMo Snacks launched in September 2021. "We had been kicking around the idea of doing edibles again and really wanted to get it right," Snoop Dogg told The Washington Post. "The team at TSUMo Snacks … took the original vision and made it better than I had hoped." California MedMen dispensaries will exclusively sell the snack with a hybrid strain of cannabis extract beginning Oct. 6 for two weeks before expanding to other dispensaries.

Snazzle Os arrive in two flavors, Onion and Spicy Onion, with 100mg of THC per bag. "I'm excited to partner with TSUMo Snacks to bring some new snack options to the fans," Snoop Dogg said in a statement. "There are plenty of sweet edibles out there, so when I created this product I wanted to put the Dogg twist on it, which is why I'm bringing the savory THC-infused crispy onion-flavored rings to my home state of California. You know that if I'm going to put my name on something, it's guaranteed stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G fresh."

TSUMo Snacks co-founder and CEO Caroline Yeh has high expectations for the collaboration."There are a lot of reasons why this partnership is natural," Yeh told High Times. "First of all, there's Snoop, and there's cannabis. So that makes...a very natural partnership, and with TSUMo Snacks specifically. Additionally, Snoop has already been investing and partnering with multiple food and snack brands."

"He's got his wrap snacks, and he's coming out with his Snoop cereal," Yeh said, about Snoop Loopz, the family-owned cereal company he launched with rapper and businessman Master P in August."So he invested in food quite a bit. I think it's a completely natural partnership to be entering back into the cannabis space with a snack brand like TSUMo." Salty, savory snacks are the company's sole focus. According to Yeh, the chocolate and gummy edibles market is overcrowded. "It's really hard to compete in that space." Besides, savory edibles are harder to produce, and for existing brands, "They aren't the best tasting and they're not super well branded," she said.

Yeh shared with The Washington Post that when TSUMo had Snoop Dogg try their products as an investor, "one of the things that he said is that he actually was more of a Funyuns guy. "We're like, all right, well, let's make Funyuns." As they tested seasonings and shipped samples to Snoop Dogg, they reached a product he approved. The crispy onion-flavored rings brought back childhood memories for the rap legend. "Man, Snazzle Os bring me back to when I was a kid hanging out with my friends," he told The Washington Post. "We had the best times back then, running the streets and having fun. We'd go by the corner store and buy soda, candy, chips. TSUMo brings me back to those times."

Snoop Dogg, also working with 19 Crimes on a wine called Snoop Cali Red, has previously denied he enjoys edibles. "Growing up, you didn't know how much weed was in brownies, so once you took a bite, it was too late," he said via email to the outlet. The snacks include dosage information, so consumers know what to expect. "The reason I like these is because of their low-dose effect," he said. "They're delicious." TSUMo Snacks plans to partner with Snoop Dogg to develop more products. There will also be a limited-edition merchandise line, including tracksuits, gold chains, socks, and other products celebrating California's hip-hop culture. "We love our partnership with Snoop," Yeh told The Washington Post. "We think it's a natural fit."