Shemar Moore's 2 Dogs Died Within Days of Each Other: 'They Are Together for Always'

Shemar Moore is mourning the loss of both of his dogs, Moe and Shug, who died just days apart.

The Criminal Minds alum took to Instagram Friday to pen a tribute to his beloved pooches, revealing that Moe had passed away on Tuesday, March 12, followed by the loss of Shug just three days later.

Moore had welcomed the bulldogs into his family 12 years ago and was frequently spotted traveling with them.

(Photo: Instagram / @shemarfmoore)

"MY RIDE OR DIE HOMIES!!!!!!!!the BEST 12 years I could EVER ask for," the S.W.A.T. actor's post began. "LOYAL and LOVING and FUNNY and FARTY the whole way!!!"

"Moe died Tuesday night at 7pm.... he was tired but went out beautifully and peacefully in his sleep," he revealed. "Shug died this morning peacefully next to me sleeping under the dining room table with him..... he had tears in his eyes yesterday and clearly missed his PARTNER IN CRIME!!!! There was NO SHUG WITHOUT MOE."

"My heart aches but they are TOGETHER as they always have been.. I LOVED THE SHIT OUTTA MY BOYS and they loved me back MORE!!" he wrote. "Shug is with Moe now... they were never apart in life and Shug said 'F– it Moe ain't running around heaven without me!!!' They are TOGETHER for ALWAYS!!!!"

"They were my BEST FRIENDS for 12 years!!! Shug's Bday is this coming Sunday... St Patty's Day," he concluded. "Sleep Babies Sleep!!! Lick each other's balls and stank up the place in heaven all you want!!!! DADDY LOVES YOU BOTH!!!!! SHUGGIE BOOGIE and MOE DIGGITY."

Moore's heartbreaking announcement was met with support and well wishes from fans, who filled the comments section with messages.

"Shemar I am so sorry to read this I am tearing up about this I got no words," one person wrote. "You gave them an amazing life and they will be missed Much love."

"Omg no. I'm so sorry for your losses. U gave them the best 12 years," another fan commented. "My heart goes out to you. Love you baby boy."


"Shemar! I'm so sorry!" another wrote. "Sending you love and prayers!!"

In response to the supportive messages, Moore, who also recently lost his The Young and the Restless co-star Kristoff St. John, penned another message thanking fans and those he has lost, stating, "Thank You ALL for showing me what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, LOYALTY, and BROTHERHOOD feels like... You helped me become the Man that I am today!!!"