Sharon Osbourne Tries to Downplay Story About Firing Her Assistant After They Rescued Family’s Art From Fire

Sharon Osbourne made headlines recently after she claimed to have fired her husband Ozzy Osbourne's assistant following their house catching on fire. Now, she's clarifying that she did not fire him after the scary incident, instead fired him 15 years later. The 67-year-old appeared on the BBC game show Would I Lie to You? where she joked about firing the assistant after he was ordered by her to run into their burning home to save their dogs and paintings, but she clarified on her show The Talk that she was simply joking about firing him because it was a comedy game show.

She explained that you have to tell a story and the other team has to guess whether it's true or false. So she proceeds to tell the story correctly, saying Ozzy couldn't go in to the burning house because of his voice and she couldn't go in because she's terrified of fire. After he goes in to get the paintings, she says, "...and then, just to be precocious, I said at the end of this little thing I was doing, 'Oh, and then I fired him.'"

Fans did not take lightly to that because another part of the original story was that he suffered potential damage to his lungs from inhaling the smoke. During the December episode is when it all started as she explained what happened for the very first time saying their home caught fire from a candle they received as a Christmas gift.

"So then outside there was a fountain I pushed Ozzy out and then the arm and his hair stopped," she said claiming that half of his hair was caught on fire. "And then I think 'Right, where is that assistant?' So I go into the guest house and he's going, 'Everything alright?' and I'm like, 'No, the house is on fire. Get out, help. go in and get the paintings out.'"

She also said that she told him to get her dogs out before the firefighters arrived but as soon as they showed up, the assistant was put on oxygen. Instead of thanking him, she reacted by saying, "How very dare you, you work here, and you get more paintings out right now."

She then pulled the oxygen mask off of him and gave it to her dogs.


"After this terrible night, he was not talking to me," she continued. "And Ozzy and I were counting everything and we were laughing and laughing and he goes 'I don't see what's funny about any of this. I think I am going to have damaged lungs."

Then she claims she fired him, but now she retracted that statement to confess it was as joke.