Selma Blair Slams Trolls Accusing Her of Cultural Appropriation After Posting Headwrap Picture

Selma Blair is slamming trolls who accused her of cultural appropriation after she posted a headwrap picture.

In the photo, Blair and her friend Rachel Fleit are seen wearing the wraps together.

"We have one answer to your bad hair days or NO hair days. [alopecia] [Rachel Fleit] ... wraps! (oh, it's been around for thousands of years...)," Blair wrote in a caption of the image. "[Rachel Fleit] [Selma Blair] [glamour]. [Edie Beale] inspiration pin. Maybe a little [Norma Desmond] thrown in 🌟 [shoe clips]."

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Some people were not fans of the photo, and they offered their opinions in the comments

"This is not brilliant and is not cool," one person said. "White people have scorned Sikhs for hundreds of years, and now we wanna appropriate and make it trendy? No. Just no. We dont get to do this."

"Cultural appropriation," someone else stated. "How can one wear that when the religious people who actually wear it gets so much ridicule."

"You are so wonderful and I know you mean no harm, but this is serious cultural appropriation," another user added. "I'd be happy to have a private conversation about how this is hurtful to Sikhs if you're open to it."

Blair has since fired back at her critics, writing, "This is not at all a Sikh turban or imitating one. And funnily enough, Sikhs absorb negativity, diffuse it. Tolerance. So none of these comments hurt. They may be not knowing what they write. A head wrap can be useful and beautiful in all cultures."

"Covering one's head is not appropriating anything but warmth and a wig alternative," she continued in a separate comment.

"Scarves have been worn by all colors for ages. Relax. What do you want a woman with no hair to wear? Just an itchy wig? Why not tie your own scarf and bejewel it. I think it's a pretty alternative," Blair also said, later offereing, "This is a scarf. A turban. Not a ritualized religious statement. I will keep on doing what I want to do in this case."


Blair was not without her supporters, however, as one fan wrote, "My God, it's a wrap not a shot gun. You are as always, beautiful Selma."

"Love it. I looks so classy let's be supporting and be kind to all the women out there losing their hair. Hair is part of who we are has woman ,and losing it is like losing a part of ourselves !! Let's support and admire does strong woman going through hardship some of them fighting for their life's," another fan said.