Selena Gomez Reveals She's Looking for Love Again Following 'Toxic' Relationships

Last week, Selena Gomez released two new songs, the first of which was an emotional anthem that saw Gomez find the strength to move on from a toxic relationship. "Lose You To Love Me" sees the 27-year-old star ready to move on with her life, and according to Gomez, the message isn't just for the music.

"I've been super, super single for two years and I want to know what that love will look like next for me," she said during an appearance on the Zach Sang Show on Friday. "I want it to be real and I don't want it to be codependent, or messy, or lack of communication. When you get older, you find people who are actually right for you, that are actually on the same wavelength."

While she may be looking forward to her next relationship, Gomez added that she's not in any rush.

"I'm chillin right now, you guys," she revealed. "Honestly that [dating] is so stressful so I've been having way too much fun being on my own. It sucked for the first year, I was like, 'I just wanna cuddle, I just wanna watch something and be adored.' Now it feels good. Now it feels awesome."

The singer also got candid about first love, a sentiment many believe to be, coming from her, about fellow artist Justin Bieber.

"You're in a phase of life where you experience love for the first time and I think that can just be a little toxic," she said. "When you're young, you have this codependency that you think is love, and then you have this addiction to the passion and the frustration with each other and you think, 'Oh that's love.' I believed that for a long time."

Gomez and Bieber dated on-and-off from 2011 to early 2018, months before Bieber got back together with now-wife Hailey Baldwin. One lyric in "Lose You To Love Me" in particular had fans convinced that the song is about the "Sorry" singer, with Gomez proclaiming, "In two months you replaced us / Like it was easy / Made me think I deserved it / In the thick of healing."

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Gomez was asked about the line, and the Texas native didn't point to one specific incident as its inspiration.


"I've actually experienced that a million times before," she said of exes moving on rather fast. "And that's the unfortunate part about what I do. It's all very real to me and I'm sure it's all just entertainment for other people, but I think I had become numb to it. And it would be stupid of me if I didn't acknowledge what I had felt, because it would be inauthentic, because it's everything I claim to be and do."

Photo Credit: Getty / Roy Rochlin