'Seinfeld' Actor Charles Levin's Remains Reportedly Found in Oregon, but Some Twitter Users Have Questions

Fans still have questions about the details of actor Charles Levin's death. The TV star remains were discovered in Oregon on Saturday, but reports have been inconsistent, and fans are asking questions. Levin was 70 years old.

Authorities spent almost a week searching for Levin, who was in the process of moving from Los Angeles to Grants Pass, Oregon. According to a report by CNN, he was finally found on Saturday. They were drawn to an are just northeast of Selma, where an emergency cell phone ping suggested the actor might be. However, there was no sign of Levin once they arrived.

Levin's car was discovered the following day on a remote road, described as "almost impassible." It was reportedly parked just off the roadway, with his dog still inside. Levin's body was found nearby.

"Based on the circumstances, there is a high probability that the remains are those of Charles Levin," local police concluded.

Grants Pass Public Safety said that the medical examiner would make the final identification of the remains to be sure. In the meantime, fans raised questions about the reports.

Readers pointed out discrepancies between different news reports, with some claiming that Levin's body was found inside of his car and some saying it was nearby. There was also a bit of confusion about his dog, Boo Bear, whom some said was alive and others not.

"Other sources say body was away from the car. Dead dog was in the car," one person noted.

"His body wasn't found inside the car," added another.

Other users questioned how Levin found himself in that remote part of town to begin with, and what his cause of death may have been. Some speculated that he was murdered, and even wondered if his 2012 Fiat may have been moved out into the wilderness after he was already dead.

A few conspiracy-oriented users even wondered if Levin was somehow connected to the latest wave of scandals from Jeffrey Epstein and other powerful figures in Hollywood. However, their only clue was that both worked in the entertainment industry, and there is no evidence to suggest that a conspiracy was involved at this time. However, users found the circumstances suspicious, particularly the fact that Levin was moving and his possessions were scattered between his old home and his new one.


Levin's loved ones told local CBS News affiliate KTVL that there were many odd circumstances involved in his death. For one thing, they found it strange that he had missed his July 1 deadline to move out of his L.A. apartment, leaving many possessions there this week. Meanwhile, authorities are debating when was the last time Levin was seen before his passing.

Levin had a beloved one-off role on Seinfeld as Mohel, which many fans remembered fondly. He also played Elliot Novak on Alice, Eddie Gregg on Hill Street Blues and had roles in various Woody Allen films over the years.