Sarah Jessica Parker Captured the Best Eclipse Footage We've Seen So Far

Millions went outside to watch the solar eclipse on Monday, including Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. While many made lackluster photos and video of the scientific event, Parker actually managed to get a remarkable video of the eclipse entering totality.

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Parker was out on a boat in South Carolina to witness the eclipse, and she captured her journey on Instagram.

"We are officially eclipse chasers!" she said. "Oh my God, this is the most spectacular light I have ever seen. It doesn't make any sense!"

She and her family were out as the the eclipse entered totality, and she captured the exact moments it occurred. To go along with the beautiful moment, Parker freaks out at the sight.

"It's happening! You guys, it's happening!" she says in the clip, which can be watched above. "Oh my God! There's the corona. Oh my God there it is, there it is. It's happening and lightening and birds that are rarely ever seen! Oh my God!"

She continues on into the following clip, piling on the dramatic reactions.

"I wish you all were here! Oh my God. This is the most spectacular, unimaginably perfect, beautiful, ridiculous."


See Parker's other videos from eclipse below.

We are officially eclipse chasers!

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