'Conners' Fans React to Sara Gilbert Filing for Separation From Wife Linda Perry After 5 Years of Marriage

Following the news of Sara Gilbert's separation from wife, Linda Perry after five years of marriage, fans of The Conners star are taking to social media to express their sadness over the sitcom star and former daytime TV host's breakup. On Friday, TMZ and ET reported that Gilbert filed for legal separation from Perry with court documents dated Aug. 13, alluding to trouble in the relationship earlier on. Per the latter's findings, Gilbert allegedly listed the date of separation as Aug. 13, requesting no spousal support be awarded to either Perry or herself.

The news devastated fans of the couple's, who took to social networks Twitter and Facebook to express their sadness over the latest breakup to hit 2019, and just days before the new year.

"So sad. I saw this coming for the last year for so I was hoping it wasn't true," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another fan added how they were "sorry" for the separation. "But I pray for the kids sake you two can still have a healthy friendship as parents," they wrote.

Several fans also took to PopCulture.com's Facebook pages, sharing how the news, while shocking, might have been hinted earlier on due to Gilbert's abrupt exit from CBS daytime series, The Talk this past spring.

"Sad to hear maybe this why she I left the talk to try to make this work to spend my time with her family and her Wife," wrote one.

"I feel for those kids it's sad no matter how you look at it!" added another.

"I saw this coming when she left The Talk. She was trying save her family," another fan speculated. "Sadly might been too late. All work and it pushes people away."

The breakup with Perry comes off the heels of an admission earlier this fall, who revealed the two were officially done having children as Gilbert is unable to have any more. "Sara can't have any more kids," the rock singer told Us Weekly at the time. "That part's done. We barely squeaked out this one."

Gilbert and Perry, former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman are the parents to their 4-year-old son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry born in 2015, while Gilbert is also mother to 14-year-old son, Levi; and 12-year-old daughter, Sawyer, of whom she shares with ex-partner, Allison Adler — a TV producer she split from in 2011 following a 10-year relationship.


Earlier this spring, Gilbert also exited The Talk, the show she helped create on CBS. She has remained an executive producer on the series, but was replaced by Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba as co-host. The reason shared at the time of Gilbert leaving the show was to focus on ABC's The Conners, the Roseanne spin-off she also helped spearhead after Roseanne Barr was fired in 2018.

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