Rumer Willis Has 'DWTS' Tattoo Laser-Removed After Being 'Heartbroken' by Val Chmerkovsky

Thankful for @laseraway helping me make my tattoos disappear

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Rumer Willis walked away from Dancing With The Stars as a champion in 2015, but now she's undergoing "painful tattoo removal" procedures after being "heartbroken" by her former dance partner.

According to a source close to the 29-year-old, she was "heartbroken after her partner Val Chmerkovsky moved on." She was said to have been infatuated with and smitten by him, as reported by the Daily Mail, but, while they never had an official relationship, Chmerkovsky has gone on to date DWTS pro Jenna Johnson.

"Rumer was so infatuated with Val when they won, she got this giant tattoo of them dancing together," the source explained. "Now she feels like a fool, so she's now undergoing this painful tattoo removal."

When she first got the tattoo, Willis was very excited, posting a photo of it on Instagram and writing, "Thank you [Brian Woo, a.k.a. Dr. Woo] for this beautiful art.

"I got this as a reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself....not from your job, how much money you make, who your dating, how many followers you have," she then added.


Finally, Willis concluded, "The value and love you have for yourself can only come from within and I am so grateful to have had such an incredible experience to help me understand that."