Roseanne Has NSFW Response When Asked About Hillary Clinton

Roseanne Barr is known for her support of Donald Trump, and things got a little heated during her Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Barr was on the show with Roseanne co-star John Goodman to discuss the series' reboot, but things quickly got political when Kimmel turned the conversation to the current president as well as his opponent.

"Weren't you, like, a good friend of Hillary Clinton's at one point?" Kimmel asked.

After hesitating, Barr responded, "Yeah, I was."

Kimmel asked Barr what had changed, turning to Goodman and whispering, "Why is he asking me this question?"

The host continued with the line of questioning, bringing up one of Barr's previous tweets.

"I think you accused her of being a murderer on Twitter," he said, with the actress responding, "I did not!"

When Kimmel said he would find the tweet, Barr gave him the finger, declaring, "I deleted it, so f— you!"

Barr noted that she had issues with Clinton's foreign policy, with Goodman chiming in, "She had one!"

The host also quizzed Barr on why she voted for Trump during the election since she is "a very socially liberal person," to which the actress responded, "I'm still the same, you all moved so f–ing far out you lost everybody" in reference to the Democrats.

The comedian also noted that no matter whose name was checked on the ballot, she thinks that no one should want to see Trump fail for one reason.

"You want Pence for the president? Well, then zip that f—in' lip!" she told Kimmel.

"Here's my two cents, damn it," Barr said at another moment during the interview. "It's up to us to make this government work, no matter who's president. It's up to us to do our job as citizens and if we don't like something, let 'em know you don't like it, and then you've got another election in two years. Get out there and vote. Change it if you don't like it."


Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live