Ron Perlman's '10 Year Challenge' Photo Flashes Back to 'Sons of Anarchy'

Ron Perlman's 10-Year Challenge post honored his Sons of Anarchy legacy.

The actor, who is known for his role as Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy among other roles, took to Instagram earlier this week to contribute his own submission to the viral trend of showing off how he's changed from 2009 to 2019.

"Don't let the suit fool ya! Those tats may be hidden, but...Blood in/Blood out muthaf—!" He wrote in the caption, showing off Clay Morrow on one side, and a more recent photo of himself in a suit from another project.

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Don’t let the suit fool ya! Those tats may be hidden, but...Blood in/Blood out muthafuckas! #10yearchallenge

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Fans of the Sons of Anarchy star took to the comments section to share their take on his submission, praising him for honoring his role on the FX motorcycle club drama.

"Still hot as hell baby!!!" one Instagram user wrote in the caption.

"Still miss SOA," another user commented.

"Always loved a man in leather #SOA #AgesLikeAFineWine Always a fan," a third user wrote.

Along with the compliments, the actor's post was also flooded with comments from critics, used at Perlman's previous comments against President Donald Trump.

Perlman has made headlines in the past for speaking out against Trump's actions on social media. Most recently, Perlman spoke against Trump as the government shutdown reached its 27th day Friday.

"Hey! Douchebag! You just stick to your guns. Go down fightin! So what [government] workers are selling their bodily fluids so they can eat. So what, obstruction. So what selling your country out for a bag of gold. You hang in there brah! You're all that matters!" Perlman wrote on Twitter.

He added: "There would only be one thing that would qualify William Barr to be Attorney General: that he plans to indict and imprison a traitor to his country. Anything short of that means he too is colluding with an outside power."


Perlman, who also starred in Hellboy, still remembers his time on Sons of Anarchy fondly. Back in 2017, the actor reflected on what set the series apart from his other acting roles.

"I will never ever be able to duplicate the moments where the original group was sitting around the table having those scenes in the chapel. If you could have been a fly on the wall..both on camera and off," he told fans at Walker Stalker Nashville that year.