Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Reveals Why She Ignores the Internet on His Death Anniversary

As the sixth year death anniversary of comedian Robin Williams approaches, his daughter Zelda says it's a day that's simply too hard for her to handle. While fans are reminded of their favorite moments of the Aladdin actor, for Zelda it's a day that reminds her that her father still isn't here. In a tweet, Zelda shared her thoughts on while she appreciates everyone's love for her father, for her it's too emotional.

"Tomorrow is Dad's death anniversary," she started the lengthy statement. "As always, I will not be here. It's hard for me on regular, good days to remain the person expected to graciously accept the world's need to share their memories of him and express their condolences for his loss. As I've said in the past, while I'm constantly touched by all of your boundless continued love for him, some days in can feel a bit like being seen as a roadside memorial- a place, not a person- where people drive past and leave their sentiments to then go about their days comforted their love for him was witnessed."

She continued, "But sometimes, that leaves me emotionally buried under a pile of other's memories instead of my own. After all, even roses by the truckload still weigh a ton. Tomorrow, it is simply too much. In my stead, if you find yourself in crisis and seek out this page hoping to be close to him somehow, please, use any of the following resources if you find you need them. Whoever out there needs to hear it, please use this as your signpost in the desert. Reach out. Seek help. Keep fighting."

Just ahead of the anniversary, Eric Trump shared a stand-up video of Williams bashing former President Joe Biden captioning it "Robin Williams Just Savages Joe Biden." However, Zelda took a shot at Trump. The 36 year old retweeted the old video where Williams said, "We still have great comedy out there, there's always rambling Joe Biden, what the f—. Joe says s— that even people with Tourette's go, 'No. What is going on?'" Just two days later, Zelda retweeted it and said, "While we're 'reminiscing' (to further your politcal agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad. I did. Promise you, it's much more 'savage.'"


Williams died by suicide at the age of 63 on Aug. 11 2014. The comedian suffered through Lewy Body Dementia — which is a brain disease that altered his thinking, movement control and memory — and is the second-most common type of dementia following Alzheimer's disease.