'Resident Evil' Star Milla Jovovich Pleads for Ukraine Assistance

Actress Milla Jovovich is calling on everyone in the world to do what they can for the people of Ukraine. Best known for starring in the Resident Evil film franchise, Jovovich was born in Ukraine when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. Now, she is taking it upon herself to help lead the charge in fundraising and other efforts to overcome this humanitarian crisis.

Jovovich made a lengthy Instagram post on Friday, Feb. 25 – the day after Russia's unprovoked military attack on Ukraine. She wrote: "I am heartbroken and dumbstruck trying to process the events of this week in my birthplace of Ukraine. My country and people being bombed. Friends and family in hiding. My blood and my roots come from both Russia and Ukraine. I am torn in two as I watch the horror unfolding, the country being destroyed, families being displaced, their whole life lying in charred fragments around them."

Jovovich mourned for the people who will suffer for years as a result of this attack and the ripple effects that trauma will have. She also called out "leaders who cannot bring peace" and "the never-ending juggernaut of imperialism." She added a link to her Instagram bio leading to a Google Doc full of information on ways to help the people of Ukraine and links to charitable organizations.

"I remember the war in my father's homeland of former Yugoslavia and the stories my family tells of the trauma and terror they experienced. War. Always war. Leaders who cannot bring peace. The never-ending juggernaut of imperialism. And always, the people pay in bloodshed and tears," she concluded.

Jovovich was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1975 but emigrated to London, England when she was 5 years old with her family. They then moved to California just a few months later and settled in Los Angeles. She began modeling at a young age and soon moved onto acting, with many notable roles in the science fiction genre.


Jovovich is one of many trying to put some focus on the Ukrainian people and their struggle. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday, Feb. 24 with attacks on multiple locations around the country's border, including the capital city of Kyiv. The conflict is ongoing and has drawn condemnation down on Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin from all over the international community.

The latest news on the invasion is that Russian military progress still seems to be slowing down, according to a report by The Associated Press. However, U.S. officials are warning that the Russians still have weapons that have not been brought to bear yet. At the time of this writing, Ukraine is calling for a ceasefire until more peace talks can be arranged.