Watch: Regis Philbin's Cameo on 'How I Met Your Mother' Is a Fine Way to Remember Late TV Legend

When Regis Philbin's family confirmed his death on Friday, fans began posting tributes on social [...]

When Regis Philbin's family confirmed his death on Friday, fans began posting tributes on social media while reminiscing about his iconic career. Some talked about Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee while others brought up the time that Philbin "threatened" Neil Patrick Harris. This beloved incident took place during an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

The episode, "The Best Burger in New York," occurred during the sitcom's fourth season. The storyline revolved around Jason Segel's character, Marshall, reminiscing about the greatest burger he ever ate. His tale prompts a trip around New York City as the main cast of characters to seek out the menu item. Along the way, they reach out to Philbin, who has spent years searching for the exact same burger.

While most fans remember Philbin as a sincere and friendly host, How I Met Your Mother put him in a different light. The sitcom version constantly worked out and destroyed nearby objects in fits of rage. He also threatened those that got between him and his beloved burger.

"I've known about Regis Philbin for as long as I can remember. He was a staple of American television for decades. One of my favorite moments is his appearance on one of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother. I hope Regis got to enjoy the best burger in NYC one last time. RIP," one fan tweeted on Saturday. Many others expressed a similar sentiment about Philbin's cameo appearance and proclaimed that "The Best Burger in New York" is the undisputed best episode in the entire series.

The full episode of How I Met Your Mother is available for free on Hulu and includes the backstory about the hamburger. However, there are multiple videos on Twitter and YouTube that compile all of the scenes together into short clips. Although there is no context to explain certain things, such as Philbin's super strength.

Throughout his career, Philbin appeared on several shows and films. As a beloved TV personality, he didn't portray other characters; he simply played fictionalized versions of himself. Along with How I Met Your Mother, his list of cameos includes Fresh Off The Boat, Single Parents, New Girl, Hot in Cleveland, 30 Rock and The Odd Couple.