Randy Quaid Posts Wild Selfie, Says He 'Saved the Earth'

Randy Quaid has done some very puzzling things over the past few years, and this new selfie tweet he's posted will have you scratching your head as well.

In the photo, Quaid appears with a half-head of messy hair and a large, bushy beard on his chin.

He's wearing a camo collard shirt that is open, revealing a bit of chest on the process.

In his caption for the tweet, Quaid wrote, "#RandyQuaid is my name and I hate the media because they are fake and are destroying the earth I saved."

That may be confusing to many at first, as you'd be hard-pressed to recall a time when Randy Quaid "saved" the earth, but, as it turns out he did once.

Way back in 1996, Quaid was in a called Independence Day, playing a character named Russell Casse.

Casse is described as "an eccentric, alcoholic former fighter pilot and Vietnam War veteran."

Casse takes to the skies with the remainder of the air force crew to fight the alien and, near the end of the film, a missile on his plane jams just as he tries to fire it.

Knowing that he has to do whatever it takes to save the earth, Casse flies kamikaze-style into the giant alien spaceship and destroys it.

This allows the other resistance forces to be able to destroy the other ships preparing to attack earth.


Without Casse's sacrifice, the earth would have been doomed, so, in a way, Randy Quaid did actually save the earth once.