Rami Malek: Video of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Star Draws Comparisons to Serial Killers, Awkward Dates

A video of Rami Malek listing things he likes has inspired a meme on social media, where many are creeped out by the actor's behavior.

Less than a week after winning the Oscar for Best Actor, Malek has many fans on edge. The 37-year-old took part in an ad for Mandarin Oriental Hotels, where he lists the things he is "a fan" of. The commercial's slow, serious pace is putting some people off, however, and drawing comparisons to awkward dates and even serial killers.

"I'm a fan of Freddie Mercury, and Queen," he says in the clip. "I'm a fan of my mom, she's got my back. I'm a fan of chamomile tea. I'm a fan of hand-written letters. I'm a fan of classic movies. I'm a fan of looking sharp, regardless of the occasion."

"I'm a fan of random encounters," he goes on in a cadence that put many viewers off. "I'm a fan of travelling by train. I'm a fan of equal opportunities for all. I'm a fan of mischief. I'm a fan of being exactly who I want to be."

Fans compared Malek's odd performance in the commercial to all kinds of other scenarios. One person suggested that his monologue was like: "When I have to introduce myself during orientation for a new job," while another said that it was like "me on a first date."

"'Indie' girls writing their Twitter bio," joked another.

"I feel like the camera should be panning out revealing a very heinous crime Rami Malek has just committed," read one popular response.

Finally, one of the most viral captions compared Malek to "a serial killer talking to you in his car before he drives past the turn he was supposed to take."

Of course, if he is giving off sinister vibes, Malek may simply be working already.

According to a report by Collider, the actor is in "final negotiations" to play the villain in the upcoming James Bond film. Malek is on a hot streak following his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, where he played Freddie Mercury. He won an Oscar for the role, and the movie itself netted more Academy Awards than even The Godfather did.


It was an exciting night for Malek, who actually fell off of the stage shortly after accepting his award. Cell phone footage shows the actor taking a tumble into the emptying front row. He was reportedly treated by security, but deemed to be alright. Later, he seemed fine as he enjoyed a night of after-party celebrations.