Ralphie May's Will Reveals Curious Guardianship Updates

Ralphie May left a strange trail of revisions in his will.

The late comedian first filed his last will and testament on Feb. 16, 2012. In it, he named his wife, Lahna Turner, the executor of his estate, and left all of his personal effects and property to her.

He also lays out a contingency for his children's guardianship in case Turner died first, or if they died together. Who should have custody of his children was the detail May seemed to be stuck on.

In that first draft of the will, May asked that his children go to his sister and her husband, Melanie and Jim Adamski. Whether the siblings had a falling out or some other trouble is unclear, but a couple of years later, May changed his mind.

On June 27, 2014, May filed a new will, saying that if he and Turner both passed, their children should go to Wendy and Brian Dorfman, owners of a comedy club in Nashville, Tennessee.


On July 17, 2015, May changed his mind yet again, writing that Stacey Deborah Frankel should raise his children if they lost both of their parents.

May passed on Oct. 6 and was found in his home in Las Vegas, while in bed. He had passed long before anyone discovered him. May died from hypertensive cardiovascular disease, which doctor's say was likely a result of his weight. However, in the weeks leading up to his death, May was also suffering from a bad case of pneumonia.