Radiohead's Ed O'Brien Reveals He 'Most Probably' Has Coronavirus

Ed O'Brien just revealed to his fans that there's a strong chance he has also fallen victim to the [...]

Ed O'Brien just revealed to his fans that there's a strong chance he has also fallen victim to the coronavirus. The Radiohead star took to Twitter to post a message to his followers stating that he's experiencing "flu-like symptoms" but has not been tested yet due to the lack of testing kits, also clarifying that he believes they need to go to the most vulnerable first.

"Hi everyone, I've been at home with flu-like symptoms for days now.. it is most probably the coronavirus.. I've lost my sense of smell and taste and it's been like a dose of flu.. I'm in good spirits and getting better. I haven't been tested because it's not readily available and I also think the tests are more important and valuable for the vulnerable in our community. I'm expecting a full recovery, and am of course self-isolating .. take care of yourselves and one another.. sending love and strength edx," his announcement read.

Several of his fans wished him well in the comment section with one saying, "Get well soon!!!!!"

Someone else wrote, "Hope you get well soon Ed! We love you."

If O'Brien does in fact have COVID-19 as a result of the coronavirus, he will be one of many celebrities who have become ill due to the outbreak. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were the first high-profile cases to come forward. Since then, it seems as though each new day brings a new celebrity case. So far, others including Idris Elba, Daniel Dae Kim, Colton Underwood, Andy Cohen, Kevin Durant and Rudy Gobert are just a few of the slew of famous faces who are currently or have already battled the virus.

Not only have sporting events been postponed or canceled altogether due to the outbreak, but now, the Olympics, which were set to take place in Tokyo this year, have been moved to next year due to the pandemic.

Photo credit: Jim Dyson/Getty.