Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal the One Bit of Royal Life They Could Do Without

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are two of the most photographed people in the world, and as one would expect, that level of scrutiny isn't always the easiest thing to manage.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the WellChild Awards on Tuesday night, where the pair spent time with a shy boy named Mckenzie and revealed that they, too, aren't too fond of cameras, Hello! reports.

"They were so lovely," Mckenzie's mom shared. "They knew [Mckenzie] was scared of the cameras and they said they didn't like the cameras either so they turned around. They said he was amazing and to keep going the way he is going and told him to look after me. He's never going to forget this, even though he's only four."

The royal couple previously made this position known at the Sentebale Polo Cup in Windsor in July, where the couple had a screen erected to separate them from photographers at a lunch ahead of the match.

"It was quite clear that they didn't want the press anywhere near them," one photographer told Vanity Fair. "They were photographed on the red carpet and at the end of the match, but they wanted to be left alone the rest of the time even though this was a major charity event for Harry with a big international press presence."

A source added that Harry was wary of the media attention surrounding his wife, saying that the prince "worries there is too much hysteria around Meghan and he wants to row back a bit."

After a break during the summer, Harry and Markle have returned to making appearances, though they often reportedly take time for themselves at their country cottage in the Cotswolds.

"They spend a lot of time in the Cotswolds, more than people realize. They are in the country way more than they are in London and they are enjoying a low-key and very domesticated start to married life," one friend said. "Harry's not around that much anymore. Meghan likes him to keep his diary clear at the weekends so they can be together in the countryside."

A local in the area revealed that the couple's home, a rented farmhouse cottage on the Great Tew Estate, is extremely private and offers the pair plenty of security and cameras.

"It's very clear they want to be private and left alone," the local said. "The property is in the middle of woodland and you wouldn't know it was there. It is very remote which is why they like it. It's like a fortress. There's a huge security presence, you can't get close."


Photo Credit: Getty / Karwai Tang