Prince Charles and Camilla Disable Comments on Their Twitter Posts Following 'The Crown' Backlash

The royal family drama has continued to stir as Season 4 of The Crown draws to a close. During the most recent season, the character of Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin was introduced and fans had thoughts. As a result of some of the backlash, Prince Charles and Camilla disabled their Twitter comments after fans took to social media to express their adoration for the late Princess.

"The true princess of wales, always Diana, Camilla, the eternal lover, the greatness of Diana will be eternal, no one will be able to take her place, Charles of England will never be King and neither deserves it ... Diana Princess of Wales will live forever," one of their followers tweeted on the Clarence House account according to Us Weekly. Another user wrote: "#TeamPrincessDiana #DianaStill."

The season, which premiered Nov. 15 on Netflix, chronicles Prince Charles' relationship with Princess Diana during the time in which he confessed he had feelings for someone else. "I care about her. Morning, noon, and night, I care about her... Camilla is who I want. That is where my loyalties lie. That is who my priority is," Josh O'Connor's character as Prince Charles said. "I refuse to be blamed any longer for this grotesque misalliance. I wash my hands of it. If you have a complaint about not being loved or appreciated in this marriage, I suggest you take it up with the people who arranged it."

The most recent episode details how unhappy Charles was during his marriage to Diana, and states that their marriage was arranged, going against what Charles wanted in the first place. O'Connor described the prince as "a man desperately trying to get out of his mess," in regards to his marriage. "These are two very lost souls ... They both needed something they couldn't give each other, and it didn't work," he said.


This did not go over well with fans, as it hits too close to home for some considering Princess Diana was so beloved among millions of people worldwide. When Prince Charles and Camilla's Twitter account recently tweeted, onlookers couldn't help but notice only those who are followed by their account were allowed to reply.

"The Duchess of Cornwall, Patron of @EmmausUK, recently joined a video call with staff and formerly homeless residents of @EmmausBrighton, known as companies, to discuss the challenges faced by the charity as a result of the coronavirus crisis," the tweet read.