'The Price Is Right' Announcer George Gray Hospitalized, Suffered 3 Heart Attacks

A member of The Price is Right family was involved in a scary ordeal recently. According to TMZ, longtime announcer George Gray, who is 53 years old, suffered three massive heart attacks. His situationl reportedly began on Monday, when he woke up with chest pains. After his wife, Brittney Green, called 911, Gray was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, which is where he experienced his first heart attack.

Once Gray arrived at the hospital, he was put into surgery. Doctors reportedly put a stent in one of his arteries, but it failed. They also put a second stint in, which also failed. Gray later suffered another heart attack as he was walking around the hospital, which caused him to go into surgery yet again. While in surgery to put a third stint in his artery, he suffered another heart attack. Following his third heart attack, surgeons performed a quadruple bypass on Gray and he was later taken to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was listed as being in critical condition.

As TMZ continued to report, Gray is on the mend following this intense situation. The Price is Right announcer's rep shared that Gray is in stable condition and that he is now talking. Gray also explained that he is in the best shape of his life and that his cholesterol is super low, despite this medical emergency. He explained that the reason behind his heart attacks stems from genetics.

Gray went on to note that being stuck inside during the coronavirus crisis has been a blessing in disguise in regards to his medical emergency. He explained that he and his wife were planning to celebrate their anniversary in Thailand this month. But, due to the global health pandemic, the trip was canceled. According to Gray, he believes that if he suffered a heart attack while in Thailand that the situation may have gone down differently.


Gray and his wife, Green, were due to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this year. According to Us Weekly, the couple wed back in April 2019 in a ceremony that took place at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona. The event, which featured memorabilia from the CBS series, was attended by Gray's friend, Price is Right host Drew Carey.

"I'm just absolutely crazy in love with her, and it just is very natural," Gray said about getting married to Green. "For me, I never felt the need to get married … and so, that's why I know it's right. It's not something I needed to do — it's something I really want to do