Watch Post Malone Be Stunned After Insane Mouth Hook Magic Trick

While hanging out backstage at a recent show, Post Malone was stunned after participating in an insane mouth-hook magic trick. The suspenseful act was performed by English magician Ryan Tricks, who is the star of his own series titled Dirty Tricks. In a video of the stunt, Tricks is seen showing Malone a three-pronged fishhook that has four strings attached. He explains that only one of the strings is fastened tightly to the hook, and that the other three will break off. He tells Malone that he is going to place the hook inside his mouth, and wants the rapper to pull on the strings as he attempts to mentally influence him to not pull the one that is tied tightly to the sharp blades.

Malone reluctantly agrees to participate, and Trick then places the hook in his mouth. Malone then firmly pulls on the first string and it breaks off, revealing that it was not the tied one.

Next, Malone pulls on the second string, and it too breaks off. There are now only two strings left, which means that one of them is tied to the hook. Malone coaxes his manager Dre London into pulling on the third string, which also breaks off, leaving Tricks to pull the hook from his mouth and show that the final string was, indeed, tied to it.

A bio section on Tricks' website, explains that he "found his passion in magic at the young age of 8, perfecting his skills over the years before embarking on his career as a magician/mentalist in 2010. Since then he has racked up an unimaginable 300 million + views on social media across the globe."

The bio goes on to share some other celebrities whom he's done magic for, saying, "Amongst his varied YouTube videos, Ryan has performed to Post Malone and Floyd Mayweather, to the homeless on the streets of London, taken it across the globe to New York and even lost a member of the public's phone in the River Thames! He has had a successful career over the past 8 years, performing for huge companies/corporations such as Sainsburys, Primark, Footasylum, Facebook and the FA Cup."

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"Amongst other projects, he was asked to film a short series for BBC3, giving back to forgotten members of the community in a series of exciting magic performances. This was released at the beginning of November 2018 and is currently available to view on the iPlayer," Tricks' bio also reads.

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