Post Malone Returns to Instagram After Hiatus, Reveals New Selfie and Asks Fans to Text Him

After over a month-long hiatus from Instagram, Post Malone has made a grand return to the social media platform. However, he didn't post just any old photo for his return to Instagram. On Monday, Malone posted a selfie, flashing the peace sign to his fans. But, it was his caption that caught the most attention, as he posted a phone number and urged his fans to text him.

Malone posted a photo of himself posing in a bathroom for his return to Instagram. His post came alongside a request, as he told fans to "text me:)" and included a phone number for them to do exactly that. Prior to his recent text-friendly message, the rapper's last post on Instagram was back on March 12. While he didn't explain the reason behind his break from the app, his hiatus did come after he received some criticism in early March after a video emerged that showcased him behaving in a wild manner onstage.

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Back in early March, Malone appeared at the FedEx Forum in Memphis for a performance. At the time, he addressed fans' concerns about his behavior by letting them know that he was doing more than alright. During his time on stage, he told his fans that he was not using drugs and that he was feeling "the best I've ever f—ing felt in my life." He added, as Commercial Appeal reported, "That's why I can bust my a— for these shows and fall on the floor and do all that fun s—... Anybody that's concerned here I appreciate the love and support, but I feel f—ing fantastic."

Although the "Circles" rapper stressed that he was alright, that didn't stop fans from expressing their concerns online. Many of those fans even posted videos from Malone's Runaway Tour shows to try to point out some allegedly uncomfortable moments featuring the rapper. Amidst those concerns, Malone's father, Rich Post, spoke out in defense of his son. Post took to Twitter to dispel rumors that his son was using drugs.


"I'm getting tired of it y'all," he wrote on Twitter, captioning a video of Malone playing the guitar during a performance. "What does this video say? Coherently playing the guitar while simultaneously singing? Seems a lot harder than accidental slips and stage theatrics."