Post Malone Manager Shares Video of Rapper Boarding Endangered Flight

Post Malone's manager shared a video of the rapper and his crew boarding the plane that would take them on what would become an endangered flight.

Shared on Twitter, a social media user posted a screen-recording of Post Malone's manger Dre London's Instagram story where he took footage of them team boarding the flight.

During takeoff, the plane blew out some tires which caused the flight to need to make an emergency landing in New York. Initially the flight was set to make its emergency landing in Massachusetts, but the pilots were forced to change the plan.

Luckily, it is now reported that the plane has landed safely at Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York. Emergency responders are on the scene, but no there is no word on if there are any injuries at this time.

The story has captivated social media, with many people sending out messages of concern for Malone and his crew.

"Keeping Post Malone and all of his crew on that plane in our thoughts. We're all hoping for a safe emergency landing for them," one person tweeted.

"Praying for Post Malone and his team right now on a safe landing... We can't lose another artist... not like this," someone else wrote.

Following the intense ordeal, Malone himself took to Twitter to share a message with all his followers.


"I landed guys. Thank you for your prayers. Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website," he joked, adding a sarcastic, "f— you. But not today."

Additionally, Malone spoke with TMZ after landing and told them that the whole thing was really scary and now that he's back on the ground he needs a strong drink.