Portia De Rossi Surveys Wildfire Devastation: 'When Life Imitates Art'

When life imitates art #thomasfire

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The California Wildfires impacted many people and now actress Portia De Rossi has shared a photo that surveys the damage to her and wife Ellen DeGeneres' property.

In the photo, firefighters can be seen finishing putting out a some fires while smoke swirls around in the background, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The couple were forced to evacuate their $23 million, four bedroom home on Monday when the wildfires threatened their Carpinteria, California property.

DeGeneres spoke about the situation on Tuesday, telling reporters that she and De Rossi "just had to get out."

Last night. I am so incredibly grateful to these and all the firefighters. Thank you.

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"Our house… it's there right now, but no one can get in to check on it. We basically just had to get out and leave the gates open for the fire trucks and we're right in it… we're right there," she said.


"We'll just lay low and just, you know, be grateful for having our pets with us and Portia's horses are evacuated and we're hoping to get them someplace soon and it's, you know, it takes something like this to just remember, you know, just how fragile life is, and how you should never take anything for granted," DeGeneres concluded.