Pierce Brosnan Debuts New Facial Hair, Twitter Call for Him to Play Colonel Sanders

The 2020 Golden Globes featured plenty of interesting style moments. But, instead of focusing on fashion, many Twitter users were preoccupied with one actor's new facial hair situation. According to PEOPLE, Pierce Brosnan debuted a goatee at the Golden Globe Awards, and it has some Twitter users calling for him to play everyone from a James Bond villain to Colonel Sanders himself.

"Pierce Brosnan is finally ready for the long-awaited Colonel Sanders wartime biopic “30 Chickens Over Tokyo," one viewer joked.

"Pierce Brosnan debuts himself as sexy colonel sanders at the [Golden Globes 2020], the next spokesperson of KFC commercials... you may know him from the films: ChickenEye, Poultry never Fries, Hatch another Hen, and the Wattle is not Eggnog," yet another viewer wrote about Brosnan's look.

While many thought that Brosnan would be the perfect Colonel Sanders or Bond villain, one Twitter user had a different (yet totally on track) idea of who the actor looked like.

"I see Pierce Brosnan sporting more of a Sam the Snowman vibe from Rudolph," they wrote and added a photo of the snowman in question to really hammer the similarities home.

Brosnan made an appearance at the 2020 Golden Globes in order to support his sons, Dylan and Paris Brosnan, who were ambassadors during the awards show. Back in November, the two siblings opened up about how special it was to be chosen as the ceremony's ambassadors.

"I'm just excited to be doing it together and supporting our dad's legacy in the film industry," Paris told The Hollywood Reporter. "We've grown up around the entertainment industry all our lives, and it's going to be special for us."

Dylan added, "We've had a history of watching the Golden Globes since we were really young, seeing our dad on there — seeing him get nominated or attending the event — so it's just such a privilege to get to do it in this capacity as Ambassadors, especially with my brother, and knowing that my dad will be there."


In advance of the brothers' appearance at the Golden Globes, they revealed that they would be representing FEED, an organization that seeks to end child hunger, as their philanthropic effort, per PEOPLE.

“Dylan and Paris Brosnan have already achieved tremendous success in the fashion world and are following in their father’s footsteps in entertainment,” the Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Lorenzo Soria said back in November. “We’re excited to see how they’ll use this platform to contribute their talents to elevate the important issue of childhood hunger.”