Pauley Perrette Sparks Concern After Revealing Scary Fall Injury

Pauley Perrette fans were once again worried for the former television star after she revealed she [...]

Pauley Perrette fans were once again worried for the former television star after she revealed she had taken a bad fall Tuesday night.

The NCIS alum took to Twitter Tuesday to reveal to her fans that she had accidentally fallen and injured her elbow and arm, leading her fans to shower her post with concerned responses.

[Pauley Perrette] fell down a hill, Solar lights she was installing tumbling after," the tweet read, suggesting someone else might have written the post. "Now a busted elbow and arm But I hope it gives you some laughter."

Rather than laugh, fans responded with "get well soon" messages for the actress.

"I wouldn't laugh but be more careful. Feel better," one user wrote.

"Firstly this is not a funny moment to be laughing, and to anyone who does are heartless. Looking at you're forearm and elbow looks extremely sensitive and you must be in a lot of pain , I hope you have a speedy recovery and be back to what ya love doing!!!" another one commented

The actress later replied to her own tweet, clarifying her injury.

"I'm totally ok. I literally fell down a hill! It actually was kinda funny. Was face down in the dirt like, wow, THAT just happened!" Adding the gravity hashtag.

Weeks after Perrette said goodbye to NCIS after two-episode final appearance, the actress has been making headlines with her social media posts, denying claims she was taking pills, and that she was pregnant.

"Dreamt a fish suddenly had a ton of rainbow babies and a cat had kittens I had to get all fish into water and make sure cats didn't eat them," Perrette wrote Wednesday night.

An hour later, she told fans she was not taking sleeping pills or pregnant.

"Wait... What? Prior tweet: NO I don't take sleep meds, and NO I'm not pregnant," the 49-year-old actress wrote. "I've been celibate for YEARS And yes the cats were all white."

Ninety minutes later, Perrette said it was O.K. to ask if she was taking anything.

"It's ok to ask. I decided my body is my own," Perrette continued. "It's the happiest and healthiest decision I ever made for myself. We all have our own paths."

The tweets come out days after a Radar Online report claimed the NCIS set is "relaxed" since Perrette left.

"Now that she is gone everyone on set is much more relaxed," a source told the site. "From the actors to the crew members. It's a nicer atmosphere now that everyone gets on with each other and there's no bad blood between anyone."

After her departure from the series in May, Perrette alleged bullying was one reason for her leaving the long-running CBS drama and later said she was the victim of "multiple physical assaults."

"Pauley Perrette had a terrific run on NCIS and we are all going to miss her. Over a year ago, Pauley came to us with a workplace concern," CBS said in response. "We took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all our shows."

Perrette's last NCIS episode aired on May 8 and drew 14.8 million viewers. The series' first season without her will start this fall on CBS.