Padma Lakshmi Proudly Shows off Her Stretch Marks

Padma Lakshmi served up a steamy photo on her Instagram story on Thursday, showing off her slim figure — and proudly pointed out the stretch marks on her thighs.

(Photo: Instagram / @padmalakshmi)

In the sultry photo, she lounged on a bed while donning a sheer, white, long-sleeved sweater and matching white underwear. She added heart graphics on the photo and wrote "Hey stretch" above the stretch marks on her bare thigh.

The 47-year-old mom of 7-year-old Krishna, whom she shares with boyfriend Adam Dell, has said that part of her job as host and executive producer of Top Chef has included weight gain, thanks to all the delicious eats.

Over the summer, she shared a photo of herself in a bikini, writing "Week 5 of filming and hips getting rounder, thighs getting thicker..." with the hashtags, "Top Chef memories" and "eating my way through Colorado."

Lakshmi once revealed that she gained 17 pounds over the course of one season of Top Chef. Season four, which aired back in the first half of 2008, featured the culinary powerhouse of Chicago.

"We had to do deep dish pizza because how could you go to Chicago and not," the star recalled to PEOPLE.

"There were literally times when because someone added so much salt to something, or I was getting my period, that I wouldn't fit into a dress the next morning. We always had to have a standby dress." she said.

The longtime model was philosophical about her weight gain, noting that "it's almost a pact with the devil; it's part of my job and I want to be good at my job."


The Colorad-set 15th season of Top Chef premieres on Bravo on Dec. 7 with Lakshmi alongside judges Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio and Graham Ellliot.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @padmalakshmi