Owner of 'Oprah 2020' Domain Willing to Sell for Six Figures

With rumors about Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020 circulating, the owner of Oprah2020.com has made it known that the site has a big price tag.

The domain name prospector was contacted by reporters from TMZ, who asked if he had any intentions for the site. He explained that he bought the URL almost two years ago, around the time he first began to think that President Donald Trump had a serious chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

The anonymous webmaster said that the 2016 presidential race made him think that many other celebrities would soon be trying their hand at politics — perhaps as successfully as Trump. He cast his mind around and decided that Winfrey was a likely candidate for the presidency. Plus, she has the kind of money to buy a domain name when she needs it.

He wouldn’t say how much he paid for Oprah2020.com, though he told reporters it “came cheap.” However, he’s not willing to part with his investment without a profit. He expects payment in the six-figure range if Winfrey wants to make a bid for the White House.

The website’s owner added that, if she runs, Winfrey will probably get his vote. He’s not the first to say so, as many stars and celebrities have come forward, practically begging Winfrey to run for office. President Trump, for his part, told reporters on Tuesday that he “would beat Oprah,” but he doesn’t think she’ll actually run a campaign.

Winfrey herself hasn’t commented on the rumors of her political aspirations. Some sources close to her say she’s seriously considering a run, while some say the opposite. Her long-time best friend, Gayle King, said on Tuesday that Winfrey is not seriously considering a presidential campaign.